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Our vision is to develop the premiere science fiction, fantasy, horror site on the net.  We want to become a center of information, news, updates, reviews, products, events and other things on your favorite subjects.  We want to be trusted, reliable and interactive.  We want to be current, timely and relevant.

The science fiction, fantasy, and horror worlds are very diverse, creative and constantly changing.  Because of this, we need your help at making this site the most in-depth and comprehensive.  Your input and feedback will only make this site better and valuable to other fans.

Our intent is not to replace your favorite magazines or e-zines or newsletters or other sources of information.  Our quest brings the best elements together, and then you decide what’s most valuable to you.

Our vision is something we aspire to become and hope that you take this journey of discovery with us.  Enjoy AlienAlmanac.com and come back often.