Farmer by Michael Glenzel   FARMER
After a decade’s long war against creatures of myth and legend, what if a retired commander is called back into duty?

Thirty years ago, the Earth shook, split open and Hell’s filth poured onto her soil. For twenty years, the War raged on every continent and in every city to save humankind. In a seemingly losing battle, an elite force rose and finally turned the tide. Commander Kane Garner served from the beginning and led that force from the frontline. They had won the War alright. He knew. He was there. They drove Hell’s filth back into the ground and capped it with a nuclear weapon. The world eventually returned to normal, as normal could be. Garner, now retired, found solace and contentment working his farm and minding his own business. But, rumors are spreading. The military is secretly mobilizing. People have gone missing. Garner won’t have any of it. He had served his time, and it had cost him everything. But what if the rumors are true? Has Hell’s spawn returned? Will Garner suit-up to defend his home and nation?

Read FARMER and find out what happens next!