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Ah, you found me.  Welcome to the main book page and AlienAlmanac.

I wrote a book called The Last One.  My very first novel took two years to write in between growing children, a full time job, and among life's other demands.  Boy, I was so excited when it was finished and decided to publish it.

After a billion rejections from publishers and agents, I chose a self-publishing company iUniverse to get my masterpiece out there.  Yes, you have pay money to make this happen.

Self-publishing is more accessible than ever before.  But, I learned many valuable lessons during the process like the importance of editting, having a good cover (look at that cover it's so ugly), structure, and a little planning ahead.  There's hundreds of websites and books out there that can supply that advice.

Well, I got bit.  Writing books is in my blood now.  I took a long term approach and built this website, AlienAlmanac, as a means to express my fascination for science ficition and as a vehicle to share more of my writing.

I continue to write but I won't make any promises that I'm ready to publish another book anytime soon.  Time is my demon, however I am certain you will see more works in the future.

Anyway, read The Last One.  Below is a brief synopsis.
Zombie High by Michael GlenzelZombie High: Exponential Decay
What could be worse than learning Algebra equations? How about a zombie outbreak in your high school? The infection is sweeping fast through the halls and classrooms. The dead are reanimating and devouring the living. Alex must lead a group of classmates to safety but hordes of student zombies are at every turn wanting to feast on fresh flesh and blood.

Available on Amazon
Wild Men of the Black Hills by Michael GlenzelWild Men of the Black Hills (Friday Night Fights Book 2)
Rapid City, South Dakota. September 1, 1891. Working for the Promotor isn't easy especially when young Lon Cooper was blamed for the disaster at the last fighting bout. But caging monsters and making them fight one another is risky business. Lon is thrown into the madness of the fighting match which could cost him his life this time.

Available on Amazon
Ole Buried GroundsOle Buried Grounds
On a later October evening, two girls dare each other to enter the town's oldest and forgotten cemetery only to learn too late that the rumors of ghosts and strange occurrences are true.

Available on Amazon

Friday Night Fights by Michael GlenzelFriday Night Fights
It's Friday night and monsters are real! Set in the 1890's, it's tough times. Lon Cooper convinces a fight promoter to hire him for odd jobs. The fighting bouts seem normal enough and the crowd seems excited. But when the full moon rises, the Promoter pits monster versus monster in the Main Event.

Available on Amazon
The Last One by Michael EdwardThe Last One
Five friends are magically transported from a weekend getaway in the northern mountains of New England to the ruined world of Bachaan. Matt Hartman leads his friends across the ravaged land in search of a way back home, but they soon realize they must combat a dark enemy whose savaged obsession has wiped out millions of people. As they learn clues about an ancient legend and discover the magical powers of the four Offerings, they pursue a prophecy that could free Bachaan from darkness but very well cost them their lives.

Available in Bookstores everywhere.
Beyond the Kuiper BeltUnfinished Business is a short story published by Free Lunch Comics in Beyond The Kuiper Belt #1 graphic novel.  Here's a link that should bring you right to it:
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Here's a list of authors who I've read, interviewed or featured.

Aaron Allston

Marc Cerasini

Greg Cox

James F David

Peter David

Paul Di Filippo

Alan Dean Foster

Michael Jan Friedman

John Twelve Hawks

Austin Grossman

Steven Gould

Cormac McCarthy

Mel Odom

Douglas Preston

John Ridley

R.A. Salvatore

Jason Schimschal

Mark W. Tiedemann

David Wellington

Terry M West

Jack Williamson

Marv Wolfman


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