10/14/15 - Novelist/screenwriter Ava Dellaria will adapt Obsidian, the Jennifer L. Armentrout novel that Sierra Pictures will finance, and produce with Russ Smith and Lianne Halfon. Published in 2014 by Macmillan, the book is part of a five-volume series known as the Lux Series. Sierra/Affinity’s Sierra’s Nick Meyer and Marc Schaberg will be executive producers and handle international sale.  In Obsidian, bookish Katy Swartz moves with her mother to small-town West Virginia, resigning herself to thick accents and a boring life. She is hopeful after meeting her neighbors who are a shot of life, and the brother and sister tandem becomes even more interesting when it turns out they are aliens. When she falls for the brother and he touches her, it marks her as a homing device for an army of extraterrestrial bad guys. Source: Deadline.com