Spider-Man: Homecoming

spiderman4/21/16 - Sony Pictures’ reboot of Spider-Man will include Iron Man, Robert Downey Jr., as it ramps up ahead of production ahead of a July 2017 release date. But the news today comes as Michael Keaton, who was being courted to play the villain in the pic, has fallen out of early talks and won’t be a part of the project.  As for Downey, this is part of a plan to add Spider-Man to the Marvel Universe pics from Disney even though Sony has rights to the character.  It’s likely Iron Man won’t be the only superhero to make an appearance in Spider-Man: Homecoming, which will star Tom Holland and be directed by Jon Watts. Source: Deadline.com

2/10/15 - Sony Pictures Entertainment and Marvel Studios are joining forces on the next iteration of Spider-Man. Kevin Feige boards the project as producer. He will produce the next films with Amy Pascal.  Under the deal, Spider-Man will appear in a Marvel film that is part of Marvel’s Cinematic Universe, and then Sony Pictures will thereafter release the next installment on July 28, 2017. Sony keeps its top franchise, but this opens the door to Marvel Comics’ biggest superhero being able to cross-pollinate in the Marvel universe.  Source: Deadline.com