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The Greatest American HeroThe Greatest American Hero
11/3/15 - The Greatest American Hero, the 1981-1983 TV series, will be getting a reboot from Fox.  Rick Famuyiwa to direct and working with Phil Lord and Chris Miller.  The series was a lighthearted series about Ralph Hinkley, a teacher who has greatness thrust upon him in the form of a super suit. But without the instruction manual, Hinkley saves the day only after getting smacked around by his enemies. Also, rather than flying with grace, he flew like he was in mid-seizure.  Source:


9/9/08 - Stephen J. Cannell, creator of the cult '80s TV series The Greatest American Hero, confirmed to fans that a feature film is in the works.  "We've written a screenplay, and we've hired a director, and we're in the midst of putting this together for the future," Cannell said.  The director is reportedly Stephen Herek.  The entire cast, producers, writers and famed stuntman Dennis "Danger" Madalone joined Cannell for a lengthy Q&A session moderated by John Tesh, a Hero historian and husband of star Connie Sellecca.  After Cannell's movie announcement, Sellecca took the opportunity to lock in roles for herself and fellow original cast members William Katt and Robert Culp.  The Greatest American Hero ran for three seasons on ABC, 1981-'83, and centered on Ralph Hinkley (Katt), a teacher who comes into possession of a red alien suit that endows its wearer with superpowers--but not the instruction manual. Culp played Hinkley's FBI minder and Sellecca his long-suffering girlfriend.


04/18/08 - A rumor is floating about a proposed film version of TV's The Greatest American Hero.  Producers are seeking an actor to play Ralph Hinkley, the teacher-turned-superhero originally played by William Katt in the 1980s TV series. The movie is expected to be more comedic. Hinkley's superpowers may also include the ability to burst into flame.    2008