The Chronicles Of The Sea Dragon Release

The Chronicles of the Sea Dragon coverSeptember 23, 2013 - The Chronicles of the Sea Dragon is a swashbuckling fantasy story set in a world where intrigue and economic warfare are as important as the strength of your sword, where no landfall is ever the same twice. And you can join the ship’s crew on their debut voyage in independent publishing house StarWarp Concepts’ first digital-exclusive comic: a complete, 48-page adventure for just 99 cents!

THE CHRONICLES OF THE SEA DRAGON SPECIAL is written by bestselling author Richard C. White (Troubleshooters, Incorporated: Night Stalkings; Gauntlet: Dark Legacy: Paths of Evil; Star Trek S.C.E.: Echoes of Coventry), with art by Bill Bryan (House of Mystery, Dark Oz). The crew of the Sea Dragon is a varied group, each with their own private reason for being aboard. The captain is a mysterious figure known as Asheera, a sometimes hard and bitter man who nurses a wound none can identify. As for the rest of the crew? You'll have to follow the voyages of the Sea Dragon and find out for yourself—if you have the sea legs for it!

The Chronicles of the Sea Dragon Special—which also features cover art by Eliseu Gouveia (Lorelei: Sects and the City, The Saga of Pandora Zwieback Annual)—is available right now through digital comic distributor DriveThru Comics, as well as from the StarWarp Concepts webstore.

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