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Sept 2013 The Chronicles of the Sea Dragon Release
Sept 2013 Supernatural Superhero-Team-for-Hire

Aug 2013

Allan Quatermain Is Coming Back To Bluewater

Aug 2013

Dogs Vs. Apes Vs. Zombies And How The Artist Survived

Aug 2013

Art of Monte Moore

Aug 2013

The Gorilla with a Baseball Bat Returns

Jan 2012 Releases Locked Out: Subterfuge and Church of One

July 2011

Too Important Release From DarkBrain

May 2011

Developing the Priest 3D Movie Trailer

Mar 2011

The Chronic Argonauts Release

Jan 2011

Jolly Rogue Studios Set to Publish Sky Pirates of Valendor

Oct 2010

DarkBrain Seeks Submissions

Apr 2009

Smuggling Spirits Review

Oct 2008 interviews Tracy Coogan

Apr 2008

Zompire: The Undead Film Festival 2008

Jul 2007

Psychosis! (Review)

Mar 2007

Interview with Mark Tarrant, author of The Blood Rider

Mar 2007

Interview with Clifford Bowyer, author of The Imperium Saga

Dec 2006

AlienAlmanac's First Annual Top 12 Woman of Sci-Fi 2006

Jul 2006

Interview with Raym C. Hensley

Dec 2005

Is Kong King Enough to Revive an Ailing Theatre Industry

Sept 2005

The End of Star Trek

Sept 2005

Video-to-Movie 'Halo' Effect

Feb 2005

The New Fantasy Genre

Feb 2005

Return of the Zombies

Feb 2005

Will Battlestar Galactica Fill the Emptiness of Space?



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