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Curse of the Vessel Release
The Supernatural Revenge Thriller Curse of the Vessel #1 is being offered via Kickstarter with a Kickstarter exclusive Joëlle Jones cover.  Curse of the Vessel is  one half crime story and one half ghost story featuring dangerous gangsters, powerful witches, grizzled lawmen and vengeful ghosts all in one book.
Slave Labor Graphics Publishes Nova Phase
Veronica Darkwater is a down on her luck bounty hunter who finds herself plunged into an intergalactic treasure hunt for a legendary world of untold wealth. But she must compete with a crazy military commander who will stop at nothing to cement his name in history. Will she stay alive long enough to see if the legends of the mythical world of Una Tesara are true?
Sea Dragon crop The Chronicles of the Sea Dragon Release
The Chronicles of the Sea Dragon is a swashbuckling fantasy story set in a world where intrigue and economic warfare are as important as the strength of your sword, where no landfall is ever the same twice. And you can join the ship’s crew on their debut voyage in independent publishing house....more
Troubleshooters Inc crop Supernatural Superhero-Team-for-Hire
Leaky faucet? Call a plumber. For real problems, call Troubleshooters, Incorporated, the world’s first supernatural superhero-team-for-hire. For the right price, Silver Oak (a wizard), Night Stalker (a werewolf), Yolanda (a sorceress), Shadowmist (a female ninja), and Lightshow (a hi-tech-armored roadie) are ready to take your case.
Hartsoe’s HELL RIOT: ZOMBIE HUNTER X! Released - Designer, model and now horror writer, Jennifer J. Hartsoe enters the comic book industry with her debut graphic novel a zombie apocalypse tale called Hell Riot: Zombie Hunter X! The story and characters created by her husband, indie comic legend, Everette Hartsoe (creator of Razor) for their new comic company HARTSOE STUDIOS!
Allan Quatermain Is Coming Back To Bluewater - Coming later this year a brand new series from Bluewater Productions on the classic Allan Quatermain character. This will be the 2nd mini series at Bluewater featuring the iconic character. Written by Scott Davis (William Shatner’s TekWar, Ray Harryhausen’s 20 Million Miles More & Dorian Gray) and drawn by Hoyt Silva....More
Dogs Vs. Apes Vs. Zombies And How The Artist Survived - The comic book REX, ZOMBIE KILLER follows a pack of animals -- including a gorilla with a baseball bat -- as they try to survive the zombie apocalypse. Below, artist DaFu Yu, the co-creator of REX, ZOMBIE KILLER, talks about his art process on the new miniseries from publisher Big Dog Ink, hitting stores in October....More
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